Heart for Rent - Jimmy And The Sounds Single Review

Posted: 3rd February 2011
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4 out of 5
Release Date:
14th Feb 2011
New Blood
Adrian Phillips

Single Review

There are a plethora of guitar-driven bands in the market place right now, but what keeps this Middlesbrough 4-pieces head above the musical parapet is confidence. This is personified 2 minutes 9 seconds into their new single Heart for Rent when they have the balls to insert 2 seconds of silence which helps to give the last third of the track an enhanced driving finale.

Thats not to say what comes before doesnt hold a great deal to savour; swaggering vocals and punchy playing (I particularly liked the disciplined and thoughtful drumming) combine to remind me of a latter day Big Country. B Side Capital proves that this isnt a one off although the description of their tracks as Music to fall in love to might be a bit misleadingunless it was with a hedonistic Geordie!!

Adrian Phillips