Storm Clouds Gather - G for Gnome EP Review

Posted: 28th November 2010
Review Info
2 out of 5
Release Date:
15th Nov 2010
Rhubarb Music
Paul Pledger

EP Review

Another year, another Richard Haswell project, this time G For Gnome, an electronic-drone side-interest for the man who has rolled out nearly two-dozen self-financed releases during the past few years (and doesnt look like stopping anytime soon).

Storm Clouds Gather is a trio of laptop-generated beatless monotone-symphonies that hover menacingly, rather like storm clouds in fact, but just like a rainy day in Watford, the mood doesnt change a great deal grey, wet and distinctly intense before petering out into nothing.

The exception to all of this is the sinister assemblage of turntable-scratches, gong and bass drums present on Europe 80, woven into a tapestry of three minutes without too much in the way of ever breaking sweat. Which is something that neither of the other two tracks do, rather they emanate and gently drift past in a rather one-dimensional manner, something that Haswell hasnt done before. It remains to be seen whether more of this G For Gnome side project comes to light again, but Haswells solo work dwarfs this by some margin.

Paul Pledger