Four - Bleu Album Review

Posted: 23rd October 2010
Review Info
3 out of 5
Release Date:
25th Oct 2010
Paul Pledger

Album Review

One day, William James Mcauley III had an idea for funding his 4th album raise the necessary cash online via friends. And heres the finished result and you know what? Its not too shabby.

Bleu is Mcauleys alter-ego that likes to indulge in radio-friendly pop and rock, not too dissimilar to INXS, Weezer and Steve Winwood songs, with a few also bordering on the type of tunes youd hear in 80s film-soundtracks at the point where the hero is trying to feed six babies at once, dress himself and write a novel at the same time. Use your imagination.

Ill Know It When I See It and Dead IN The Mornin are two such tracks, bouncy jolly AOR strumalongs that are neither challenging or trivial, but are catchy nonetheless. In fact Mcauley is an accomplished songwriter overall, crafting college-radio-friendly pop with acerbic wit When The S**t Hits The Fan being a case in point.

For the most part, the formula works but then clever-clever sets in with In Love With My Lover and Ya Catch More Flies With Honey Than Vinegar, the latter possessing a lovely tune at least. Bleu is best when playing it simple though and the closing Everything Is Fine is a suitably charming climax.

I think his fans have just about got their moneys worth.

Paul Pledger