All The Things We've Been Told - Modern Superstitions EP Review

Posted: 24th October 2010
Review Info
5 out of 5
Release Date:
26th Oct 2010
Last Gang
Mat Radbourne

EP Review

Modern Superstitions are the youthful sound of a Blondie, a Chrissie Hynde, a bit of 'that' Kate Nash vibe and maybe even a splash of Dexys Midnight Runners. Where's this going I'm asking myself? I will tell you, straight to the top of your music shopping list. Now for me this good, and I mean really good. Style and a great sound are the fundamentals for these guys. I love it.

Six tracks with a real freshness and urgency about them. Its got so many different genres of style it really is something else. My favourite of all is 'Visions of You', a real jazzy, Motown number. Its got that "ooh-la, ooh-la" chorus, rumberling underlying drums and brilliant twangy guitar. It seems a track way ahead of the bands tender teenage years. Its one of the best things I've heard in ages. I'm also drawn to a punky, Pretenders feel on the track 'Go Between' - the bass line at the start really stands out. Top draw. All six tracks are, as is often the case with these things about lost love or broken hearts. But this time we have a set of songs that I just need to keep playing and playing and playing again. Nyssa Rosaleen's voice is both powerful and silky but above all instantly likeable.

I really can't get enough of Modern Superstitions. The band are from Toronto and need to come over to tour the UK, NOW. This EP goes straight into this years Top 10 for me. Outstanding.

Mat Radbourne