Run Overdrive - Civil Civic Single Review

Posted: 1st July 2010
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3.5 out of 5
Release Date:
5th Jul 2010
5000 Records
Paul Pledger

Single Review

Oooh its DIY time, though thankfully without the SOS bit on the end. I have a promo CD in my hand by Civil Civic that looks like its been hand-stamped by Banksy in a rage, and a fantastically raging instrumental track contained within its lovely plastic layers. That track is called Run Overdrive and its a wonderfully scratchy yet pulsating anthem, replete with the sort of tune that Doves had wished they had written on their last album. That IS a compliment.

I can see someone at the BBC, pulling their lad out to this before sound-tracking a news story about the demise of English footballers in the Premier League. That IS another compliment. I love it, me. Busy guitars, tough drumming and a melody made for soundtracks. What could go wrong?

Erm, the accompanying tune, subtly titled F*** Youth? It was so uninteresting that it could have been called Cat Litter, Bin Liner or Wayne. Or Roof Rack Mayonnaise Accident. Its a roughly recorded instrumental that does little to stir the soul, no matter what its title is. Wrong.

But Run Overdrive has promise. More please.

Paul Pledger