Trainwreck - Eutoxita Album Review

Posted: 5th April 2010
Review Info
2 out of 5
Release Date:
29th Oct 2010
Mat Radbourne

Album Review

Well, where to start. Its certainly a strange one this. I've had to come back to it a number of times over the past week or so. You have to listen to this kind of stuff in different chairs, rooms and with varying amounts of alcohol on board. Difficult to get my head round a style, its a bit of a mix match of genres, sounds and ideas.

As we start off with the very strange instrumental 'It Didn't Move, So I Ate It', Im really struggling to pitch it. I'm sure I have heard this in a curry house recently and I don't just mean the song title!! It seems an odd opener, or is it? The writer suggests that it "should weird out a few listeners", so its like that, is it?

'Life Is Rushing By' continues the unusual. And I'm struggling to be convinced by tracks three and four. 'Late Night Radio' seems, well almost normal as do the next couple of tracks. The sound is evolving into some kind of funky country style, I think....

But then you get 'Walnut Hill' which is a grower, in a fashion but followed by the really bizarre 'Punk Rock For Breakfast', a great name for a song but again its just so unusual for the album.

Described by the artist as "an album that sounds like you are scanning through stations or hitting shuffle on a multi CD changer".... its about the best description you will get. I'm not going to argue with that statement either. Trainwreck is probably the most apt album title ever. It just doesn't flow as an album and this would be my biggest criticism, apart from the fact I don't think I like it!

James B. White is the musician. He suggests that its a common name and wants to be different so goes under the guise of Eutoxita. I guess that's all part of the "thing". I really don't know what to say about it. As an album its not for me, or maybe it is. I just reckon this dude is probably going through a mid life crises.

So to rate the album, I gave it 1 out of 5 on my first listen, 4 out of 5 by my eighth listen and now nearly two weeks on its about 2. Maybe if I listen to it tomorrow I will like it more????

Mat Radbourne