Spend A Little Time - Alexander Price Single Review

Posted: 11th September 2009
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5 out of 5
Release Date:
7th Sep 2009
Patrick McKiernan

Single Review

Count how many bands and artists these days have tracks with an electronic feel. It seems to be the current big fashion in music, from the royalty of the Music World all the way down to the up and comers trying to find that sound that will give them a breakout opportunity. On the basis of this track Alexander Price deserves a big break with his personal touch of mild electronic magic.

The track almost floats along on a celestial wave of soothing elctro synth that calls to mind David Byrne. It is a big name to conjure up in comparison but Price constructs the song so perfectly that it is a comparison that is more than deserving. His vocal is not flashy but blends perfectly with the music, giving the song an almost conversational feel to it. It is really a great song that deserves to be given a big audience. B-Side Love Song is an absolute treat as well with a beat and harmony that stands toe to toe with Human League. A great single from a very promising talent.

Patrick McKiernan