City Of Thieves - Sonic Boom Six Album Review

Posted: 23rd April 2009
Review Info
4 out of 5
Release Date:
20th Apr 2009
Rebel Alliance recordings
Emma Quinlan

Album Review

Back with their third album, City Of Thieves, Sonic Boom Six have yet again managed to push the boundaries of punk further and by infusing punk rock with jungle,reggae,ska, and hip-hop. SB6 have created an album that is as enjoyable as it is diverse.

Rum Little Skallywag and Through A Childs Eyes are songs that have clearly been influenced by the Ska and Reggae genres. The trombone, the reggae influenced beats, gentle guitar riffs, these songs have evidently been influenced by bands such as Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish, both of which SB6 have toured with in recent years. Heavier tracks such as Jericho, with its thrashing guitar riffs and thunderous drums, sound like a downsized version of Slipknot with Gallows influenced vocals, yet without the growl of Frank Carter. Floating Away is the concluding track, with melodic vocals and softer guitar chords than previous tracks included in City Of Thieves, this is the perfect way to end a brilliant and well constructed album.

City Of Thieves is an album not afraid to talk about the damaging and pressing issues that we all farce in todays current climate. Knife crime, gun crime, binge drinking, homelessness and traffic congestion are just a few topics discussed on the record, all of which are very real issues that are troubling our existence today. Certainly the message before Fading Away, But after the fun lets not retreat into our homes and try to disregard the problems, seems to be a message to broken Britain. By adding their own unique style and humour however, to such dismal matters, SB6 have managed to inject some fun into what could be a very dreary and bleak album.

Excellent third album from the Manchester quintet, definitely worth a look from any punk fans and hip-hop fans alike.

Emma Quinlan