Loosy Lucy - The Steeples Single Review

Posted: 2nd June 2008
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3 out of 5
Release Date:
23rd Jun 2008

Single Review

After Britneys Tears, The Steeples offer a second taster of their Tea For Two album, due out in early July.

From this sonic pie, expect one infectious reggae/ska-toned riff, blended with half-Viewesque half-Kooksy twanged staccato vocals.

Topic wise, Andy and the boys, just out of their teens, already seem to be enjoying the main incentive (in their eyes) of being in a band: girls, girls, girls

So, there they are giving away the sinful deeds of Loosy Lucy, (imaginary or not) promiscuous femme fatale in the making: virtual depictions of teenage decadence show Loosy Lucy pulling up her skirt, Andy and/or his crew with pants down the anklessay no more!

In effect, as catchy as it is, if Loosy Lucy grabs a pair of authoritative ears, it could be praised nationwide and become this summers sing-along favourite, along the lines of the Fratellis Chelsea Dagger, an obvious template

Already in Xfm execs good papers, this should not be too hard a task to achieve.

Solange Moffi