Lambchop Lambchop


Tuesday 30th Jan 2024

location_city Howard Assembly Room, Leeds

This event has already taken place


Nashville-based alt-country band formed in 1986.

Key members include: Kurt Wagner, William Tyler and Alex McManus (although there is no set-in-stone line-up as such).

They released their debut album, "I Hope You're Sitting Down/Jack's Tulips" in 1994, followed by: "How I Quit Smoking" (1996), "Thriller" (1997), "What Another Man Spills" (1998), "Nixon" (2000), "Is a Woman" (2002), "Aw Cmon" (2004), "No You Cmon" (2004), "Damaged" (2006), "OH (Ohio)[1]" (2008), "Mr. M" (2012), "FLOTUS (For Love Often Turns Us Still)" (2016), "This (Is What I Wanted to Tell You)" (2019), "Trip" (2020), "Showtunes" (2021), plus 2022's: "The Bible".