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Bright Magic

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Bright Magic

Bright Magic Tour

Monday 16th May 2022

Rescheduled from Thursday 20th Jan 2022

location_city 3Olympia Theatre, Dublin

Public Service Broadcasting

London-based mainly instrumental/samples outfit comprised of J.Willgoose ESQ and Wrigglesworth.

Their releases include the EPs "Roygbiv" and "The War Room", the latter of which featured "Spitfire" and "London Can Take It", as well as their 2013 debut-album "Inform - Educate - Entertain" and its follow-up "The Race For Space".

In 2017 they issued the album "Every Valley" while in 2021, Berlin was their inspiration for the album "Bright Magic" which reached no.2 on the UK albums chart.

3Olympia Theatre

72 Dame St



0818 719 330