Martin Stephenson Martin Stephenson

Martin Stephenson

Saturday 25th Sep 2021

location_city Old Cinema Launderette, Durham


Martin Stephenson

Singer-songwriter from Durham, originally signed to Kitchenware, who came to prominence in the mid to late 80s with The Daintees as his backing band.

His key releases include the albums 'Boat To Bolivia', 'Gladsome Humour and Blue' and 'Salutation Road' and the singles "Crocodile Cryer", "Boat To Bolivia", "There Comes A Time" and "Big Sky, New Light" as well as countless own-label releases after leaving Kitchenware Records.

His style varies between acoustic-blues through bluegrass and show-tunes (as well as straight-forward pop).

Old Cinema Launderette

38 Marshall Terrace
Gilesgate Moor