Tommy Tiernan Tommy Tiernan

Tommy Tiernan

Friday 8th Apr 2022

Rescheduled from Saturday 6th Nov 2021

location_city 1532 Performing Arts Centre, Bristol


Tommy Tiernan

Award-winning controversial Irish comedian and actor whose shows have included Six and the City and Stray Sod.

Tiernan has also appeared in the sitcoms "Small Potatoes" and "Father Ted".

In 2009, Tiernan temporarily set the Guinness World Record for the longest stand-up comedy show by an individual, achieving 36 hours and 15 minutes.

Tours include: "Stray Sod", "World Tour of " (various Irish counties), "Out of the Whirlwind", "Under the Influence", "Paddy Crazy Horse" and "Tomfoolery".

1532 Performing Arts Centre

Elton Road
Tyndall\'s Park