Pop Will Eat Itself Pop Will Eat Itself

Pop Will Eat Itself

rescheduled from October

Saturday 2nd Oct 2021

Rescheduled from Saturday 3rd Oct 2020

location_city Islington Assembly Hall [Town Hall], Islington


Pop Will Eat Itself

Indie-grebo band from Stourbridge.

They originally formed in 1981 and throughout their mid-80s peak were also known as The Poppies and PWEI.

Key members include: Graham Crabb and Robert 'Fuzz' Townshend. Singer Clint Mansell left the band in the late '90s.

Their most memorable releases include: Albums - 'Box Frenzy' (1987), 'Cure For Sanity' (1991) and 'The Looks Or The Lifestyle?' (1992). Singles - 'Can U Dig It?' (1989), 'X Y & Zee' (1991) and 'Ich Bin Ein Auslander' (1994).

An offshoot band formed in 2005 by Crabb and called Vileevils (Vile Evils) was a direct reaction to Mansell's then side-projects.

Islington Assembly Hall [Town Hall]

Islington Town Hall
Upper Street
N1 2UD