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Duran Duran

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Sunday 12th Jun 2022

Rescheduled from Sunday 13th Jun 2021

location_city St Anne's Park, Dublin

Duran Duran

Influential and successful '80s pop band often associated with New Romantics (with the first album).

Key members include Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor. Stephen 'Tin Tin' Duffy (their first singer) left during the first sessions in 1979.

Their key songs are many: "Planet Earth", "Wild Boys", "Girls On Film", "Rio", "Save A Prayer", "The Reflex" (the band's first US number one), "Notorious", "The Skin Trade", "Perfect Day", "Ordinary World", "Hungry Like The Wolf" and "Is There Something I Should Know" represent a few of them.

Albums include their 1981 debut eponymous album, plus "Rio" (1982), "Seven and the Ragged Tiger" (1983), "Notorious" (1986), "Big Thing" (1988), "Liberty" (1990), "Duran Duran" (1993), "Thank You" (1995), "Medazzaland" (1997), "Pop Trash" (2000), "Astronaut" (2004), "Red Carpet Massacre" (2007), "All You Need Is Now" (2010), "Paper Gods" (2015) and 2021's: "Future Past".

St Anne's Park