Austin, Texas-based four piece alt-rock band formed in 1994.

Key members include: Britt Daniel (vocals/ guitar), Jim Eno (drums), Rob Pope (bass) and Alex Fischel (keyboard/ guitar - as of 2013).

The band have had reasonable success in their home-country, particularly with the songs "The Underdog" and "Don't You Evah".

They released their debut album, "Telephono" in 1996, followed by: "A Series of Sneaks" (1998), "Girls Can Tell" (2001), "Kill the Moonlight" (2002), "Gimme Fiction" (2005), "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga" (2007), "Transference" (2010), "They Want My Soul" (2014) and 2017's: "Hot Thoughts".

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