Candlelight Events

in Birmingham, Chester, Bury St Edmunds, Glasgow, Sussex and more
in Aberdeen, Leeds, Leicester, York, Reading and more
in Aberdeen, Nottingham, Liverpool, Oxford, Belfast and more
in London, Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool
in Brentwood, Glasgow, Nottingham, Gloucester, Rochester and more
in Edinburgh, Paisley, Exeter, Gloucester, Birmingham and more
in Edinburgh, Worcester, Chichester and London
in Bath, Hampshire, London, Edinburgh, Bury St Edmunds and more
in London and Edinburgh
in Liverpool, York, Glasgow, Gloucester, Aberdeen and more
in Liverpool, Plymouth, Manchester, Brentwood, Brighton and more
in King's Lynn, London and Edinburgh
in Sheffield, Glasgow, Coventry, York, Sunderland and more
in Castlebar and Sheffield
in Torquay, Sheffield, Aylesbury and Birmingham
in Folkestone, Sheffield, Liverpool and Milton Keynes
in Hastings, Woking, Brighton and Sheffield
in Scunthorpe, Margate, Stoke, Hull, Wolverhampton and more