The Neverland Express

The Neverland Express

The Neverland Express are the backing band for the late American singer, Meat Loaf. The band typically varied per live tour, with one of the last incarnations (for the 2015-16 tour) featuring: Paul Crook - guitars, Randy Flowers - guitar/ vocals, Danny Miranda - bass/ vocals, Justin Avery - piano/ vocals, Dave Luther - saxophones/ keys/ vocals, John Miceli - drums and Cian Coey - vocals.

They regrouped in 2023 for a "BAT - The Official Meat Loaf Celebration" tour, featuring Caleb Johnson on vocals.

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The Official Meat Loaf Celebration
"BAT" is a celebration of the late, great Meat Loaf's life, featuring Caleb Johnson and The Neverland Express across the UK in the spring. Tickets on sale now
24 days ago