Attitude Festival

Attitude Festival

Day-long rock, punk and blues-rock festival based in Bristol featuring numerous local acts recognized for their intense live performances.

"Artists that put 'perform back into 'performance'. Hand-picked by over 60+ music industry guest reviewers based on their energetic live shows, on-stage presence and ability to command even the most unruly of crowds. Punk, Rock n' Roll, Hardcore, Blues - all mashed together to make the most intense day of your cheeky little lives..."

Artists include Riskee and the Ridicule, Bob Vylan, The Blue Carpet Band, Mother Vulture, Moriaty, Crooked Little Sons, Arizona Law, Poison Crow, Cuffs, Winchester UK, Beefywink, Burnout, Sweet Teef, O'Deus, Kite Thief and more

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