The Meteors

The Meteors

British psychobilly and garage rock 'n' roll outfit formed in 1980.

Their vast catalogue includes the debut album, "In Heaven" released in 1981, plus: "Wreckin' Crew" (1983), "Stampede!" (1984), "Monkey's Breath" (1985), "Sewertime Blues" (1986), "Don't Touch The Bang Bang Fruit" (1987), "Only the Meteors Are Pure Psychobilly" (1988), "The Mutant Monkey and the Surfers from Zorch" (1988), "Undead, Unfriendly and Unstoppable" (1989), "Madman Roll" (1991), "Demonopoly" (1992), "No Surrender" (1994), "Mental Instru Mentals" (1995), "Bastard Sons of a Rock'n'Roll Devil" (1997), "The Meteors vs. The World" (1999), "Psycho Down!" (2001), "Psychobilly" (2003), "These Evil Things" (2004), "The Lost Album" (2004), "Hymns for the Hellbound" (2007), "Hell Train Rollin" (2009), "Doing the Lord's Work" (2012), plus 2016's: "The Power Of 3".

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