Michale Graves

Michale Graves

American horror-punk performer and former frontman of The Misfits, latterly a solo performer.

He released his debut solo album, "Punk Rock Is Dead" in 2005, followed by: "Return to Earth" (2006), "Illusions (with Damien Echols)" (2007), "Vagabond" (2013), "The Lost Skeleton Returns" (2013), "Vagabond Acoustic" (2013), "Supernatural" (2014), "Wanderer" (2014), "Wanderer Acoustic" (2015), "Nightmares" (2015), "When Worlds Collide" (2016), "Bedlam" (2016), "Backroads" (2017), plus 2017's: "The World Turned Upside Down".

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