I, Ludicrous

I, Ludicrous

Indie band formed in 1985, based initially in London.

They were an archetypal John Peel band, spurred on by a sole entry in the Festive 50 series in 1987 - a flexi-disc entitled "Preposterous Tales (Of Ken Mackenzie)". Peel loved them.

Members include Will Hung - vocals, John Proctor - guitar, Martin Brett (Voice of the Beehive) - bass and Paul Ryall - live videos.

Key albums include "It's Like Everything Else" and "Light and Bitter".

Their style was often associated with the Northern humour-styles of Half Man Half Biscuit, Ted Chippington and Frank Sidebottom.

They released the album, "Dull is the New Interesting" in 2015.

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