Dale Watson

Dale Watson

Dale Watson is an American country singer, guitarist and songwriter, and self-published author based in Austin, Texas, a champion of "Ameripolitan" music.

He released his debut album, "Is There Something Wrong" in 1989, followed by: "Cheatin' Heart Attack" (1995), "Blessed Or Damned" (1996), "I Hate These Songs" (1997), "The Truckin' Sessions" (1998), "People I've Known, Places I've Been" (1999), "Christmas In Texas" (2000), "From The Start!" (2000), "Dalevis" (2000), "Every Song I Write Is For You" (2001), "One More, Once More" (2003), "Dreamland" (2004), "Heeah!" (2005), "Whiskey Or God" (2006), "From The Cradle To The Grave" (2007), "To Terri With Love" (2008), "Help Your Lord" (2008), "The Truckin' Sessions, Vol. 2" (2009), "Carryin' On" (2010), "The Sun Sessions" (2011), "Dalevis: Sun Sessions 2" (2012), "El Rancho Azul" (2013), "Call Me Insane" (2015), "The Truckin' Sessions, Vol. 3" (2015), "Under The Influence" (2016), "Blackjack" (2017), "Dale & Ray (with Ray Benson)" (2017), "Call Me Lucky" (2019), plus 2021's: "Dale Watson Presents The Memphians".

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