Buck 65

Buck 65 is an experimental, award-winning Canadian MC and turntablist from Nova Scotia, real name Ricard Terfry, whose career began in hip-hop and now combines a range of influences including rap, blues, country and rock.

His first studio album of more than a dozen was 1994's "Game Tight", followed by "Year Zero" (1996), "Weirdo Magnet" (1996), "Language Arts" (1996), "Vertex" (1997), "Man Overboard" (2001), "Synesthesia" (2001), "Square" (2002), "Talkin' Honky Blues" (2003), "Secret House Against the World" (2005), "Situation" (Strange Famous, "2007), "Dirtbike" (2008), "20 Odd Years" (2011), "Laundromat Boogie" and "Neverlove" (both 2014).

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