Up at the O2

Up at the O2

"Up at The O2 combines an exhilarating outdoor challenge with a completely unique perspective on the Capital. Designed by the original architects of the iconic venue, Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners, the unforgettable 90 minute experience will take visitors on an uplifting guided expedition across the roof of The O2 via a tensile fabric walkway suspended 53m above ground level. An observation platform at the summit will enable climbers to take in spectacular 360 degree views of the Capital and its many landmarks, including the Olympic Park, Thames Barrier, The Shard, Historic Royal Greenwich and Canary Wharf, before descending back to base.

Up at The O2 begins at Base Camp, a fully immersive briefing area inspired by the world's best climbs and the rich history of The O2. There, visitors will be kitted up in bespoke climb suits, shoes and safety harnesses by highly trained guides before making their way, via a short set of stairs or lift, to the base of the tent ready to start their climb. From here, climbers will be guided, in groups of 30, to a central observation platform via a 320m long fabric walkway suspended between The O2's distinctive yellow masts. An exciting, but manageable, descent back to base will complete the adventure.

Although thrilling, Up at The O2 is a suitable challenge for anyone at least ten years old (and at least 1.2m high) who is medically and physically fit with a sense of personal adventure. Accessible tours for people with disabilities, including wheelchair users, are planned."

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