Shawn Colvin

Shawn Colvin

American singer-songwriter from Illinois who lived in Texas, dabbling in country, before making her mark after settling in New York as part of the Fast Folk scene.

She has since released a number of hit albums and collected three Grammys; for the 1989 debut album "Steady On" and two 1998 gongs for the track "Sunny Came Home."

Other albums include: "Fat City" (1992), "Cover Girl" (1994), "A Few Small Repairs" (1996), "Holiday Songs and Lullabies" (1998), "Whole New You" (2001), "These Four Walls" (2006), "Shawn Colvin Live" (2009), "All Fall Down" (2012), "Uncovered" (2015), "Colvin and Earle" (2016 with Steve Earle), and 2018's: "The Starlighter".

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