Tom Paxton

Tom Paxton

Chicago-born legendary folk singer-songwriter who began recording in the early 60s.

His work is highly influential amongst other roots performers and his songs have been covered by dozens of performers including Joan Baez, Simon and Garfunkel and Arlo Guthrie.

Paxton has won countless Grammys as well as BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards and the like.

His key songs include: 'The Marvellous Toy', 'Ramblin' Boy', 'Going To The Zoo' and 'Talking Watergate', the latter one of his more socially aware songs.

He released his debut album, "Ramblin' Boy" in 1964, followed by: "Ain't That News!" (1965), "Outward Bound" (1966), "Morning Again" (1968), "The Things I Notice Now" (1969), "Tom Paxton 6" (1970), "York]" (1971), "How Come the Sun" (1971), "Peace Will Come" (1972), "Children's Song Book" (1974), "Gallimaufry" (1984), "Something in My Life" (1975), "Saturday Night" (1976), "New Songs from the Briarpatch [live]" (1977), "Heroes" (1978), "Up and Up" (1979), "The Paxton Report" (1980), "Bulletin" (1983), "Even a Gray Day" (1983), "Tom Paxton in the Orchard" (1984), "One Million Lawyers and Other Disasters" (1985), "A Paxton Primer" (1986), "Folksong Festival 1986" (1986), "And Loving You" (1986), "Balloon-alloon-alloon" (1987), "Storyteller" (1989), "It Ain't Easy" (1991), "A Child's Christmas" (1992), "Peanut Butter Pie" (1992), "Suzy Is a Rocker" (1992), "Wearing the Time" (1994), "A Car Full of Songs" (1997), "Goin' to the Zoo" (1997), "I've Got a Yo-Yo" (1997), "Fun Animal Songs" (1999), "Fun Food Songs" (1999), "A Car Full of Fun Songs" (1999), "Stars in Their Eyes" (2000), "Live From Mountain Stage [live]" (2001), "Under American Skies" (2001), "Ramblin' Boy/Ain't That News!" (2002), "Your Shoes, My Shoes" (2002), "Looking For The Moon" (2002), "American Troubadour" (2003), "Outward Bound/Morning Again" (2004), "Comedians and Angels" (2008), "Redemption Road" (2015), plus 2017's: "Boat In The Water".

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