Vice Squad

"Vice Squad are a female-fronted UK Punk Rock band that delivers short sharp songs with incisive lyrics spat out over a thunderous rhythm and machine gun Rock 'n' Roll guitars.

Renowned for their high energy live shows the band deliver their set with passion and humour and have been touring and releasing successful albums since the 1980s.

Vice Squad is fronted by raucous voiced singer/guitarist Beki Bondage who was featured on the front cover of a number of influential music tabloids such as Melody Maker, NME, Sounds, Record Mirror and Smash Hits. The band is 100% DIY and has no record company or management backing. Since reforming Vice Squad in 1997 the band has released several albums with powerful punk songs that are well received across the world. In keeping with the DIY ethic the albums were recorded in the band's own 'Sci Fidelity' studio South London."

They released their debut album, "No Cause for Concern" in 1981, followed by: "Stand Strong Stand Proud" (1982), "Shot Away" (1985), "Get a Life" (1999), "Resurrection" (1999), "Lo-Fi Life" (2000), "Rich and Famous" (2003), "Defiant" (2006), "Unreleased 2008" (2009), "London Underground" (2009), "Punk Rock Radio" (2011), "Cardboard Country" (2014), plus 2019's: "Battle of Britain", featuring the single: "Ignored To Death".

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