Noyes Fludde

Noyes Fludde

"Benjamin Britten's famous setting of the story of Noah and the Ark is one of the great community operas, with the audience participating in this dramatic and very visual production. World-class opera singers, David Wilson-Johnson and Catherine Wyn-Rogers as Mr and Mrs Noah lead a brilliant cast of children soloists as Sem, Ham, Jeffett, their wives, and Mrs Noah's circle of gossips.

See the Ark take shape before your eyes, the nearly 100-strong children's chorus of animals in costumes and masks, lead by great puppets specially created by the students of the Wimbledon College of Art. Solo ballet dancers, and a troupe of dancers forming the waves…children 'basheurs' play tuned coffee mugs and cups sounding the first rain drops heralding the great storm…finally the Dove that returns with an olive branch representing safe haven."

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