Jon Langford

Jon Langford

Jon Langford is a Chicago-based musician born in Wales.

Langford was originally the drummer with punk outfit The Mekons when the band formed in 1977.

Langford later became lead guitarist and, since the 1990s, performs and records solo as well as with The Mekons and performs as/ with: The Three Johns, The Waco Brothers, Pine Valley Cosmonauts, Solo and Skull Orchard, Men of Gwent, Bad Luck Jonathan and Four Lost Souls.

He released his debut solo album, "Skull Orchard (Bloodshot Records)" in 1998, followed by: "Mayors Of The Moon (Bloodshot Records)" (2003), "All the Fame of Lofty Deeds (Bloodshot Records)" (2004), "Gold Brick (Bloodshot Records)" (2006), "All the Fame of Lofty Deeds - The Soundtrack (Bloodshot Records)" (2009), "Old Devils (Bloodshot Records)" (2010), "Skull Orchard Revisited" (2011), "Here Be Monsters (Bloodshot Records)" (2014), plus 2017's: "Four Lost Souls (Bloodshot Records)".

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