Blue Surge

Blue Surge

"Curt and Doug are small-town cops in Midwest America charged with closing down the local brothel. But after an encounter with its occupants, Sandy and Heather, their moral certainties become anything but clear-cut. Having spent just three months in the brothel, Sandy might have a chance at a new life, but as events start to get out of control, policemen and prostitutes alike find that escaping the past is more difficult than it seems.

Set against challenging questions of class struggle in America today, this moving love story between cops and hookers is a tale of expectations missed and overcome, a play about the narratives we all write for ourselves and how fortune and single moments can change our lives, as Curt and Sandy both try to get a foothold in the American Dream."

Written by award-winning American playwright Rebecca Gilman ('The Glory of Living', 'Spinning into Butter', 'Boy Gets Girl' and 'The Sweetest

Swing in Baseball').

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