Midnight at Puss Creek

Midnight at Puss Creek

"Oliver! The king of Jamaican Comedy, stars in Patrick Brown's all new - hilariously scary comedy who-dunnit.

Set in an old gothic mansion, owned and inhabited by the family matriarch Zedla Matalon, her army of cats, and housekeeper Della. Hated by all and sundry because of her miserly ways, Zelda lays at death's door, with one and all waiting to "pick at her bones" as soon as she croaks.

Who helps her on her way? Della, her long suffering housekeeper? Her boozed up, wallowing widower of a son? Or any one of the money grabbers hovering to hear Zelda's final wishes?

It's down to Detective Inspector Tracey, Constable Tek Bribe and YOU to find out - the one thing's for certain is that you'll laugh 'til yu belly buss!"

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