Ian Curtis, Joy Division And Martin Hannett Exhibition

Ian Curtis, Joy Division And Martin Hannett Exhibition

An exhibition showcasing Joy Division memorabilia collated by Peter Hook and Chris Hewitt . Over the years as much musical and recording equipment and instruments associated with Joy Division have been collated by Chris and Hook and as an avid collector, Hook will also be showing many paper artefacts and other related objects to Joy Division publicly for the first time.

The Ian Curtis/ Joy Division exhibition at The Factory's top floor boardroom will contain at least six display cases full of Peter Hook's collection of Joy Division artefacts. There will be a scene of the rehearsal room with instruments and amplification that the band used on gigs and in rehearsals. The recording session scene will recreate an Ian Curtis vocal take including the actual studio screens he recorded his vocals behind as well as a collection of producer Martin Hannett's original equipment including the microphone configuration that he used. Hannett's legendary collection of outboard delay equipment that defined the Joy Division Sound, plus his own tape recorder and several of his early echo units.

This will be a unique insight into the artefacts, instruments, amplification and recording equipment of one of Manchester's seminal bands.

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