Volcano the Bear

Volcano the Bear

Leicester-based experimental band formed in 1995.

Key members include Aaron Moore - vocals, drums and trumpets, Nick Mott - sax, guitar and vocals, Clarence Manuelo - tapes and Daniel Padden - guitar, clarinet and vocals.

Their sound is an amalgam of found sounds, intense frequencies and sinister soundtracks ("Chariots Of Fur") or bizarre percussion, looped chanting and discordant music ("Five Hundred Boy Piano"). Nurse With Wound and Faust territory, in other words.

Much of their earlier material was released in very limited qtys - "The Inhazer Decline" from 1998 was issued as a limited run of just 6 copies (on their own Volucan label). Another EP ("Massive Furniture Invasion") came out as an 8" vinyl record.

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