Markus the Sadist

Markus the Sadist

Markus the Sadist is a Hip Hop Theatre show produced by Jonzi D Productions.

"Markus Wright is a talented MC, making his name on the local battle scene. Spotted by a slick A&R from a major, Markus is approached - a lucrative recording contract is offered, with the promise of being a star, touring the world and living the celebrity lifestyle.

Initially happy with the sacrifices, including rhyming with an American accent, his (fabricated) gang history and having to mention the products of various sponsors, on returning to the hood following his fame, embarrassment sets-in when he is exposed as a fraud. At the height of his fame, Markus decides to completely switch his style..."

The London May 2010 performances feature Bashy with musical direction from Soweto Kinch.

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