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Zu are an Italian noise/ punk rock band from Rome, featuring Luca Mai - saxophone, Massimo Pupillo - bass, Jacopo Battaglia - drums.and Tomas Järmyr - drums.

They released their debut album, "Bromio" in 1999, followed by: "The Zu Side of the Chadbourne" (2000), "Motorhellington" (2001), "Igneo" (2002), "Radiale" (2004), "How to Raise an Ox" (2005), "The Way of the Animal Powers" (2005), "Rai Sanawachi Koe Wo Hassu" (2006), "Identification with the Enemy - A Key to the Underworld" (2007), "Il Teatro degli Orrori/Zu" (2008), "Carboniferous" (2009), "The Left Hand Path" (2014 - with Eugene Robinson), "Cortar Todo" (2015), plus 2017's: "Jhator".

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