Rip Her to Shreds

Rip Her to Shreds

Rip Her to Shreds is a play by Grant Corr about difference, love, sex, violence, and a seventeen-year-old, cross-dresser.

I made the dress, I did my own hair and I put the make-up on myself. Yes I put woman's makeup all over my face. I go to this club down a back street and there's this fella named Keenan. I don't care if Satan drags my soul into hell; I'm going to see how far this rabbit-hole goes.

"17 year old Davy has two choices: a slow, torturous demise dressed in a pin stripe suit or a violent death being ripped to shreds by Mena Town's skin heads. But salvation comes in a single strapped, home made dress to make him Debbie Harry Gorgeous."

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