Thea Gilmore

Thea Gilmore

Oxford-born folk roots-rock singer, songwriter and musician.

Since the mid-'90s, her recordings have included "Avalanche", "Strange Communion" and "Murphy's Heart".

She released her debut album, "Burning Dorothy" in 1998, followed by: "The Lipstick Conspiracies" (2000), "Rules For Jokers" (2001), "Songs from the Gutter" (2002), "Avalanche" (2003), "Loft Music" (2004), "Harpo's Ghost" (2006), "Liejacker" (2008), "Recorded Delivery [live]" (2009), "Strange Communion" (2009), "Murphy's Heart" (2010), "Don't Stop Singing with Sandy Denny" (2011), "John Wesley Harding" (2011), "Regardless" (2013), "Ghosts and Graffiti" (2015), "Extended Playground" (2017), "The Counterweight" (2017), "Small World Turning" (2019), plus "The Emancipation of Eva Grey" and "Afterlight" (released as "Afterlight" - both in 2021).

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