The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

A 1992 play written by English dramatist Jim Cartwright, also made into a 1998 film (called just 'Little Voice') starring Jane Horrocks.

"Little Voice sits alone in the attic room of her terrace house, avoiding the attentions of her loud mouthed mother, Mari. LV's only means of escape is through her father's old vinyl collection - especially the great divas: Bassey, Garland, Springfield and Holiday. But LV has a special gift: when the records stop playing the music miraculously continues, as she produces stunning impersonations of all of her favourite stars.

When Mari's new boyfriend hears her sing, he sees LV as his ticket to fame and fortune. But stardom is the last thing the reclusive LV is after...she just wants to be loved. Will LV face the music or set about finding her own voice?

This hilarious, moving and heartwarming story is backed up by a live band of multi-talented actor/musicians. Get ready for a stunning collection of hits including Big Spender, Over the Rainbow and Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien."

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