The Real Kicks

"Five lads from Merseyside make up the ‘The Real Kicks’. Although not knowing their destiny whilst crossing paths in the school corridors, band members Shaun Lewis, Ben Friel and Steve Kirwan would later go on to form the blueprint of The Real Kicks with the formation of an earlier band, known as ‘The Void’. Gaining experience and recognition as a prominent young band, ‘The Void’, which started in 2002 were playing many small local venues in and around the north-west creating loyal fanbase.

By 2004 the band had decided that a change of name was needed, from the ‘Void’ to ‘Kicks’ before settling on ‘The Real Kicks’.

With the songs being inspired as much by society as by art, literature and other music it is highly unlikely that the natural process of songwriting The Real Kicks possesses will be drying up any time in the near future.

An ever increasing fanbase to couple with the power and passion of the live performances makes for the future of the five lads a very promising prospect…..much love to all, The Real Kicks x"

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