- Image: allgigs Limited A View From the Bridge

A View From the Bridge

Play by late American playwright Arthur Miller.

"Considered one of the great modern classics of the twentieth century, Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge (1956) begins with the local lawyer, Alfieri, telling the story of Eddie Carbone, a head-strong longshoreman who has helped raise his wife's niece, Catherine, but has developed an unwitting sexual attraction towards her.

When his wife's two cousins enter the country illegally looking for work, the Carbones take them in, but when Catherine begins dating the younger of the cousins, Rodolpho, Eddie gets jealous.

This begins a series of events that in an intensely absorbing drama, sure of itself every step of the way. It makes no false moves, wastes no time and has the beauty that comes from directness and simplicity."

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