Chauntecleer And Pertelotte (A Beasty–Babel-Fable)

A play by award-winning writer Dougie Blaxland. This high energy comedy is a farmyard romping fable which explores the themes of vanity, sexual jealousy and revenge. It is the hilarious tale of an all too cocky cock rooster given his comeuppance by the lovelorn hen Pertelotte.

The most striking feature of this “Beasty-Babel-Fable” is the language of the play. Combining something of Chaucer with the verbal playfulness of Stanley Unwin, Dougie Blaxland has created a highly original idiom ideally suited to the allegorical world the characters inhabit.

It is a fast moving, physical drama in which the two actors play numerous roles including hens, monks, nuns, squires and farmers.

Cast: Timothy Dewberry and Annie Hemingway

Director: James Bounds

Producer: Live wire Theatre

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