Liverpool SoundCity

Liverpool SoundCity

Liverpool-based music festival, staged across multiple venues. The festival started in 2008 - as part of Liverpool's European Capital of Culture year.

The rescheduled 2021 event features Beabadoobee, Red Rum Club, Rejjie Snow, The Snuts, Not3s, Baby Queen, Gracey, Jamie Webster, The Mysterines, The Lathums, Låpsley, Abbie Ozard, Ask Elliot, Bamily, Blondes, Brooke Combe, Cariss Auburn, Carla Prata, Cobain Jones, Daddy, Deco, Dylan, Geiste, Hello Delaware, Holly Macve, Isabel Neib, Jamie Pollock, John (Timestwo), King No-One, Lanterns On The Lake, Lizzie Ross, L'nee Golay, L'objectif, Lydiah, Mason Owens, Miraa May, Moa Moa, Molly Green, Molly Payton, Monks, Navos, Nikki And The Waves, Noisy, Nuha Ruby Ra, Pixey, Podge, Polar States, Rianne Downey, Shambolics, Social Contract, Stanleys, Tamzene, That's Juvey?, The Clockworks, The Lottery Winners, The Luka State, The Murder Capital, The Royston Club, The Sway, Tom Rogan, Tomike, Ttrruuces, Weezy Jefferson, Youth Sector and more.

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