Tina May

[1961 - 2022] Tina May was an English jazz singer, a winner of 1998's BT British Jazz Award for Best Vocalist.

She released her debut album, "Never Let Me Go" in 1992, followed by: "Fun" (1993), "It Ain't Necessarily So" (1994), "Time Will Tell" (1995), "Change of Sky with Nikki Iles" (1998), "Jazz Piquant with Tony Coe" (1998), "One Fine Day" (1999), "The Ella Fitzgerald Songbook Revisted with Lee Gibson, Barbara Jay" (2000), "Live in Paris" (2000), "I'll Take Romance" (2003), "More Than You Know with Tony Coe, Nikki Iles" (2004), "Early May" (2004), "Sings the Ray Bryant Songbook" (2006), "A Wing and a Prayer" (2006), "Out of the Blue with Ray Guntrip" (2008), "I Never Told You" (2009), "No More Hanky Panky" (2011), "Where You Belong with Ray Guntrip" (2011), "Tina May Sings Piaf" (2011), "Troubadours with Dylan Fowler" (2013), "My Kinda Love" (2014), "Home Is Where the Heart Is with Enrico Pieranunzi" (2015), "Telling Jokes with Steve Plews" (2016), "Cafe Paranoia: Tina May Sings Mark Murphy with Andy Lutter" (2017), plus 2021's: "52nd Street: Tina May Sings the Songs of Duncan Lamont".

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