- Image: Helloween


Helloween are a German speed-metal/thrash band, featuring founder members: Michael Weikath - guitars, Markus Grosskopf - bass, Kai Hansen - guitars/ backing vocals, Michael Kiske - lead vocals, Andi Deris - vocals, Sascha Gerstner - guitars and Daniel "Dani" Loeble - drums.

They released their debut album, "Walls of Jericho" in 1985, followed by: "Keeper of the Seven Keys: Part I" (1987), "Keeper of the Seven Keys: Part II" (1988), "Pink Bubbles Go Ape" (1991), "Chameleon" (1993), "Master of the Rings" (1994), "The Time of the Oath" (1996), "Better Than Raw" (1998), "Metal Jukebox" (1999), "The Dark Ride" (2000), "Rabbit Don't Come Easy" (2003), "Keeper of the Seven Keys: The Legacy" (2005), "Gambling with the Devil" (2007), "Unarmed - Best of 25th Anniversary" (2009), "7 Sinners" (2010), "Straight Out of Hell" (2013), plus 2015's: "My God-Given Right".

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