Hanson are brothers Isaac (guitar/ vocals), Taylor (keyboards/ piano/ vocals) and Zac Hanson (drums/ vocals).

Starting out as youngsters, the bands had a number one hit with the song 'MMMBop', which earned them two Grammy nominations in 1997.

Label mergers and disputes saw the band go quiet for a few years, but the trio have continually hit the charts with their album output - mainly in the United States.

They released their debut album, "Boomerang" in 1995, followed by: "MMMBop" (1996), "Middle of Nowhere" (1997), "Snowed In" (1997), "This Time Around" (2000), "Underneath" (2004), "The Walk" (2007), "Shout It Out" (2010), "Anthem" (2013), plus 2017's: "Finally It's Christmas".

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