Los Lobos

Los Lobos

Los Lobos are a Grammy-winning American tex-mex rock 'n' roll, blues and roots outfit formed in 1973 and comprised of Steve Berlin - keyboards and horns, David Hidalgo - vocals, guitar, accordion, fiddle, Conrad Lozano - vocals, bass, Louie Pérez - vocals, guitar, drums and Cesar Rosas - vocals, guitar.

Their big breakthrough came in 1987 with the film and title-track "La Bamba".

Other notable releases include: "By the Light of the Moon" (1987), "La Pistola y el Corazón" (1988), "The Neighborhood" (1990), "Kiko" (1992), "Papa's Dream" (1995), "Colossal Head" (1996), "This Time" (1999), "Good Morning Aztlán" (2002), "The Ride" (2004), "The Town and the City" (2006), "Los Lobos Goes Disney" (2009), "Tin Can Trust" (2010), "Gates of Gold" (2015), "Llego Navidad" (2019) and 2021's: "Native Sons".

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