Barenaked Ladies

Barenaked Ladies

Barenaked Ladies are a multi award-winning Canadian alternative rock band formed in 1988 whose hits include: "One Week", "The Old Apartment", "Pinch Me", "If I Had $1000000", and "Brian Wilson" amongst others.

Album releases include the Canadian number one album "Gordon", released in 1992, plus "Maybe You Should Drive" (1994), "Born on a Pirate Ship" (1996), "Stunt" (1998), "Maroon" (2000), "Everything to Everyone" (2003), "Barenaked for the Holidays" (2004), "As You Like It" (2005), "Barenaked Ladies Are Me" (2006), "Barenaked Ladies Are Men" (2007), "Snacktime!" (2008), "All in Good Time" (2010), "Grinning Streak" (2013), "Silverball" (2015), "Ladies and Gentlemen" (2017 featuring The Persuasions), "Fake Nudes" (also 2017) and 2021's: "Detour de Force".

Founder member Steven Page left the band in 2009, with the band (as of 2010) featuring, Jim Creeggan - vocals/ bass, Ed Robertson - lead vocals/ guitars, Kevin Hearn - vocals/ guitar/ keyboards/ accordian and Tyler Stewart - vocals/ drums.

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