People Under the Stairs

People Under the Stairs

Los Angeles-based hip-hop outfit founded in 1997 and comprised primarily of Thes One and Double K.

They released their debut album, "The Next Step" in 1998, followed by: "Question in the Form of an Answer" (2000), "American Men Vol. 1 (compilation)" (2000), "O.S.T." (2002), "...Or Stay Tuned" (2003), "Stepfather" (2006), "The Om Years (compilation)" (2008), "Fun DMC" (2008), "Carried Away" (2009), "Highlighter" (2011), "12 Step Program" (2014), "American Men Vol. 2 (compilation)" (2015), "The Gettin' Off Stage, Step 1" (2015), plus 2016's: "The Gettin' Off Stage, Step 2".

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