Cellorhythmics is the creation of James Hesford and Alfia Nakipbekova. Alfia has a peerless classical pedigree while James is a thoroughbred jazzer.

Following the success of the last series of performances, an ensemble featuring 'found musicians' and playing original music by award-winning composer / multi instrumentalist James Hesford, Cellorhythmics Acoustic Project (CAP) moves into its second stage - the Working Classical Music Orchestra, featuring 10 outstanding players from diverse musical backgrounds: jazz, contemporary classical, experimental art pop/rock, soul and world.

Driving beats and idiosyncratic harmony give ample space to each performer to express their individual improvisational ideas within tightly structured compositions.

Musicians include; James Hesford (cello, violin, guitar), Alfia Nakipebekova (cello), Martin Radford (cello), Sergio Laviola (guitar/bass), Marc Layton-Bennett, Neville Murray (percussion), Mikey Kirkpatrick (flutes), Aidan McConville(horn), Josie Simmons (saxophones and flutes), Caroline Rawlins (piano).

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